30-60-90 Triangle Practice Worksheet (With Answer key)

Recognizing special right triangles can simplify the solution of some geometry problems. A special right triangle is one whose sides have a specific ratio, known as the Pythagorean Triples. You can also apply the Pythagorean theorem, but if you recognize that the triangle in question is special, you can save some calculations. The 30-60-90 triangle is one of the special triangles known to us.

What is the “30-60-90 Triangle Practice Worksheet (With Answers)”?

This worksheet contains solutions for solving 30-60-90 special triangles. There are concepts and examples included in this worksheet. 

How will the “30-60-90 Triangle Practice Worksheet (With Answers)” help you?

This worksheet will assist you in solving 30-60-90 special triangles. The concept and example will help learners understand the lesson. Some exercises are given to test the knowledge on this topic.

Instructions on how to use the “30-60-90 Triangle Practice Worksheet (With Answers).”

Use this worksheet to have a complete understanding of solving 30-60-90 special triangles. Study the concept and example given and answer the exercises after. 


Knowing the relationships between the angles or ratios of the sides of these special right triangles allows one to quickly determine various lengths in geometric problems without having to resort to more complicated approaches.

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