Adding and Subtracting Liters And Millimeters Worksheet

What is the “Adding and Subtracting Litres and Mililitres Worksheet”?

This worksheet will discuss adding and subtracting units of volume measurements, specifically litres and mililitres.

How will the “Adding and Subtracting Litres and Mililitres Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you improve skills in conversion of units of measurements especially on volume ones.

 Litres and mililitres are units of measurements for volume which is usually used on drinks. It could help us on a daily basis to get familiar with it.

This worksheet will also evaluate the learners through recalling concepts, math drills, and real life application.

What are litres and mililitres?

Both litres and mililitres are measurements on the amount of liquid. These are the most common unit of measurements especially on sold beverages.

We usually use litres for larger amounts of liquids and mililitres for smaller amounts of liquid.

Instructions on using the “Adding and Subtracting Litres and Mililitres Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to enhance skills in addition and subtraction and practice the operations using litres and mililitres. After a short discussion, a true or false will be given to ensure the learners’ understanding of different concepts.

A math drill will be given to subtract and add the units litres and mililitres. 

Finally, the learner will be asked the applications of the concept in real life.


Addition and subtraction are two of the fundamental operations and it is only natural that these will appear in the higher mathematical concepts and topics as well.

Being able to progress in addition and subtraction especially using different units of measurements will help the learners to become more comfortable with the lessons and topics in the future and higher mathematics.

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