Adding Fractions With The Same Denominator Worksheet

What is the “Adding Fractions With The Same Denominators Worksheet”?

This worksheet will discuss the concept of adding fractions, specifically those with the same denominators on their fractions.

How will the “Adding fractions With The Same Denominators Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help the learner understand the concept of solving basic operations on fractions. This will involve fractions with the same denominator.

What are fractions?

Fractions represent the parts of a whole or collection of objects. Fractions have two parts, the number on top of the line is called numerator and the number below the line is called denominators.

Instructions on using the “Adding Fractions With The Same Denominators Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to understand more on performing adding fractions with the same denominators. After a short discussion, a 20-item math drill will be given to the learner to apply the learning of the concept.

Finally, the last task would be a reflective question asking the learner where we can use this in real life.


Fractions may be complicated to hear and see but these numbers are more often that we encounter than we expected.

It is an important part of our daily life, which is why we should learn this concept.

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