Adding Positive and Negative Numbers Worksheet (with Answer Key)

What are the Negative Numbers?

Negative numbers are less than zero, while positive numbers are higher than zero. 

What are Positive Numbers?

Positive numbers don’t have a symbol in front of them; only negative numbers do. Positive number addition is simple, such as adding 8 and 5. It can be challenging to add a negative number to a positive number or two negative numbers. 

How will the “Adding Positive and Negative Numbers Worksheets (with Answer Key)” will help you?

This worksheet will help students understand adding positive and negative numbers better. The activity in this worksheet will exercise the problem-solving skills of the learners.

The answer key in the worksheet’s final section will also allow the student to check their work or responses to the exercises. This might help them assess any errors they might have made.

Instructions on how to use the “Adding Positive and Negative Numbers Worksheets (with Answer Key)”

Lesson one will recap the concepts and lectures that the students need to be familiar with. After the discussion, there will be an activity. The knowledge, comprehension, and evaluation of the pupils will all be evaluated in this portion. A period of thought follows the last exercise. It is provided to facilitate discussion and performance assessment in the classroom.

Answer keys are provided after each worksheet activity. The learner will be able to state with certainty if they are.


By identifying and being familiar with adding positive and negative numbers, you can find them easier. Use this worksheet to start improving your comprehension and understanding on adding positive and negative numbers

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