Adding Unlike Fractions Worksheet (with answer key)

What are Fractions?

Fractions with different denominators are called not-like fractions. You need to first decide the not-unusual place denominator earlier than combining numerous fractions 

How will the “Adding Unlike Fractions Worksheets” will help you?

This worksheet will help students gain a better understanding of  Adding, and unlike fractions.

The activities on this worksheet will be dependent on the learner’s sufficient understanding and comprehension of Adding, and unlike fractions. They will also practice problem-solving skills through activities.

Finally, the answer key in the worksheet’s final section will enable the learner to double-check their work or answers in the activities. This can help them assess their mistakes if any exist.

Instructions on how to use the “Adding Unlike Fractions Worksheets ”

Lesson one will review the theories and lectures that the students ought to be familiar with.

The learner will then have a chance to put what they learned into practice through an exercise after it. The students’ skills, comprehension, and evaluation will all be put to the test in this portion. A section for reflection follows the concluding activity. It is provided to help with thinking and performance assessment in class.

The answer keys for the worksheet are located at the end. The student will be able to confirm whether they answered correctly.


If you learn and understand them, you will be able to spot them more quickly while adding, unlike fractions. To further your understanding and application, use this worksheet as a stepping stone.

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