Addition Indian Money Worksheet for Grade 1

What is the “Addition Indian Money Worksheet for Grade 1”?

The “Addition Indian Money Worksheet for Grade 1“ is about adding rupees. The students are going to identify the amount of money in each figure and add them together to get their sum.

What are the currency used in India?

The rupee is the official currency in India, and the Reserve Bank of India is the authority in charge of issuing currency. The rupee is subdivided into 100 paise (singular: paisa).

How can the “Addition Indian Money Worksheet for Grade 1” help you?

Teaching money skills is important because students need to understand the value of money and how you can create the same amount of money using different coins and bills. This helps them to prepare for the real world and comprehend how much things cost and how to make change. In this worksheet, they can develop their ability to count and add money.

Instructions on how to use the “Addition Indian Money Worksheet for Grade 1”

Before using this worksheet, make sure that the students understand the conceptof addition and knows how to identify the different values of rupees and paise. To use this worksheet, add the indicated value of the money then put your answer on he blanks provided after the equal sign.


Learning money values and how to add them would be an essential skil for everyone because everybody uses this skill in their day to day life.

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