Algebra 2 Worksheet (with Answer Key)

Algebra is the part of math that helps you use mathematical expressions to describe problems or situations. We use numbers like 2, and so on in algebra. Which have a specific or unchanging value. Along with numbers, variables like x, y, and z are used in algebra.

How will the “Algebra 2 Worksheet ” will help you?

This worksheet will help learners in deepening their knowledge about understanding algebra. 

The activities in this worksheet will practice the learner’s understanding and comprehension of evaluating algebra. In addition to this, they can also practice their solving in the activities.

Lastly, the answer key in the last part of this worksheet will enable the learner to check their work or answers in the activities. This can help them in assessing their mistakes if there are any.

Instructions on how to use the “Algebra 2 Worksheet ”

In the first part, there will be a discussion regarding the concepts and lectures the learners need to know

After the discussion, an activity will be provided for the learner to apply their learning to the discussion. This part will practice the learners’ skills, comprehension, and evaluation. The last activity is a reflective section. It is provided to help the learner think and assess how they performed in the lesson.

At the end of the worksheet will be the answer keys to the activities. The learner will be able to check if they answered correctly or not.


Learning about algebra is important in improving your knowledge and comprehension of math. Use this worksheet as a stepping stone in learning and practising your skills.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Algebra 2 Worksheet 

The primary objective of algebra is typically to determine the value of a variable, such as x, either as an expression such as 2x + 3x or an equation such as 5x – 2 = 10x, graph etc. Let’s look at some examples to understand better. The order of operations, how to evaluate an expression, and how to simplify an algebraic expression are all essential foundational concepts in Algebra 2.

  • Order of operations

Example 1:

3 + 12 2 – 4

Answer:   5


Answer:   -6

  • Evaluate an expression

Answer: 18

  • Simply substituting the given equivalent of the variables, multiplying them to their coefficients, and proceeding in the appropriate order is all that is required for expression evaluation.
  • Simplifying an algebraic expression

In this, simply remember that you can’t consolidate 2 dissimilar givens, for instance, 2 and 3x, on the grounds that 3 has a variable and 2 has none. Simply put, combine only like terms, and then proceed to the operation. 


  1. 15x – 5x = 10x
  1. 10y + 3 – 7 = 10y – 4

In the first example, we can combine 15x and 5x because they are like terms. In the second example, we move on to 3 – 7 because no other number has a y variable.

Order of operations

Evaluate the expressions

Simplify algebraic expressions

B. What are your thoughts on Algebra 2? Was there any struggle or difficulty you experienced?

Answer Key

  1. 3
  1. -4
  1. 9
  1. -11
  1. 10
  1. -14
  1. 6
  1. 6 + 7x
  1. 9 – 5x
  1. 2z + 6 – 2x

You can download this worksheet here.

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