Area of regular polygons using trigonometry worksheet

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the relations of the sides and angles of a triangle. But regular polygons can essentially be broken down into multiple smaller triangles. This worksheet will explore concepts and formulas used in trigonometry to solve for the area of regular polygons. 

What is the “Area of regular polygons using trigonometry worksheet”?

This worksheet uses trigonometric concepts and formulas to solve the area of regular polygons. It gives a general formula for solving any regular polygon using only two formulas.

How will the “Area of regular polygons using trigonometry worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will give you a rundown of the concepts and terminologies of the mathematical approach to solving the area of a circle and a sector. It will then test the learner with some exercises and real-world problems. 

Instructions on how to use the “Area of regular polygons using trigonometry worksheet”

Utilize this worksheet as a refresher or an introduction to trigonometric concepts which includes familiarization with some common polygon names and etc. Make use of this worksheet to learn the general steps and formulas to solve for a regular polygon’s area.

After the lesson, solve some exercise problems to practice what you’ve learned and have it stay with you. In the end, you will reflect on the concepts you have learned and how scary it might be for you at first but turns out to be a simple and easy process.


Due to regular polygons’ nature and distinct characteristics. Its area no matter how many sides it has will not change and is relatively simple to do.

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