Ascending Order Worksheet For Class 1

What is the “Ascending Order Worksheet for Class 1”?

In this worksheet, features of numbers are explained and elaborated by carefully ranking or arranging them from least to greatest. This worksheet will specifically use numbers with two digits, that is, less than 100.

The learners will be required to use this worksheet to compare two numbers and identify which is more or less than the other.

How will “Ascending Order Worksheet for Class 1” help you?

This worksheet will make you understand the properties of the numbers and use them to properly arrange them in a certain order. 

What is the ascending order?

This is when we are making an arrangement of items in ascending order. This means that the smallest values come first up to the largest values. 

Instructions in using the “Ascending Order Worksheet for Class 1”

Use this worksheet to enhance skills in arranging numbers based on values. After a short discussion, a math drill will be given to arrange the given set of numbers in ascending orders.

Then, the learners will be asked to answer real life problems through the application of the concept.

The learner will also be given a task to create their own series of numbers that will be arranged in ascending order.

Lastly, the learner will be asked to answer a reflective question that will highlight the importance of the concept.


The numbers also have a lot of properties that make them related to other topics. Learning how to arrange the numbers based on the observed relationships is also one of the key concepts of this chapter.

Being able to determine the numbers lesser and greater than the other is also essential in future topics of math. 

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