Basic geometrical ideas for class 6 worksheet (with answer key)

Geometry assists us in determining what materials to utilise and what designs to create, as well as playing an essential role in the construction process itself. Different houses and structures are created in various geometric forms to provide a unique appearance and optimum ventilation within the dwelling. This worksheet will give some insight into the basic geometrical idea.

What is geometry?

Geometry is an ancient mathematical field. It is concerned with the qualities of figures and space and is approximately translated as “Earth Measurement” in Greek.

 It was initially developed as a practical reference for measuring volumes, lengths, and areas, and it is still in use today. Geometry is essential since the world comprises many forms and spaces.

How will the “Basic geometrical ideas class 6 worksheet with answers” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand basic geometrical ideas and concepts. It will challenge the student’s ability to identify them.

Instructions on how to use the “Basic geometrical ideas class 6 worksheet with answers”:

Use this math worksheet you learn about geometry and its importance.

A reflection section is included at the end of this worksheet to assist the student think about their thinking (metacognition) and analyse how they performed in the session.

Finally, it challenges the student to devise their problems and compare them with the ones he/she learned from the worksheet.


This worksheet will help you gain the essential skills of working with geometry.

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