Basic Geometrical Ideas Worksheet Class 6

What is the “Basic Geometrical Ideas Worksheet Class 6”?

This worksheet will be discussing topics on the concepts of basic figures of geometry. This includes lines and polygons.

This worksheet will become a guide in identification of the types and properties of lines and polygons.

What is geometry?

Geometry is the area of mathematics that focuses on the characteristics and connections between points, lines, surfaces, solids, and their higher dimensional equivalents.

How will the “Basic Geometrical Ideas Worksheet Class 6” help you?

This worksheet will help you in enhancing your skills in identification of the types of lines and angles. This will also improve skills of the learners in knowing the properties of these basic geometrical ideas.

This worksheet will also evaluate the learners’ ability to identify the types of the said basic figures.

Instructions on how to use “Basic Geometrical Ideas Worksheet Class 6”

Use this worksheet to enhance ability in identifying the basic geometrical ideas. After a short discussion, an activity of true or false pertaining to the polygons and other basic geometrical ideas..

A math drill will also be given for the learners to identify the polygon given.

Lastly, the learners will be asked to create polygons and name it according to its type.


Being able to identify the basic geometrical ideas will be used in the higher topics of mathematics.

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