BODMAS Questions For Class 6 Worksheet

What is the “BODMAS Questions For Class 7 Worksheet”?

This worksheet will go through how to solve or simplify a mathematical sentence in terms of the order of operations.

How will the “BODMAS Questions For Class 7 Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will assist you in honing your abilities to do all the fundamental operations and will give you the opportunity to practice the steps involved in the process of simplification.

This worksheet will also assess the students’ understanding of the material through math practice and application to real-world situations.

What is BODMAS?

It is a sequence when we simplify a mathematical sentence with several operations to be performed. It means Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

Instructions on using the “BODMAS Questions For Class 7 Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to enhance skills in simplifying and practice the operations to prepare for higher math topics. After a short discussion, an activity will be given to enumerate the meaning of BODMAS.

The learner will also be given a math drill that will allow them to apply the concepts.

Finally, the last task would be a reflective question asking the learner the importance in learning the concept of the topic.


BODMAS is one of the fundamental operations, thus it stands to reason that it will also be discussed in more advanced mathematical ideas and issues.

Learners will feel more at ease with the classes in the future if they can advance in fundamental skills.

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