BODMAS Questions For Class 7 Worksheet

What is the “BODMAS Questions For Class 7 Worksheet”?

This worksheet will discuss the order of operations when solving or simplifying a mathematical sentence.

How will the “BODMAS Questions For Class 7 Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you improve skills in performing all the basic operations and will let you practice on what is the sequence of the operations when it comes to simplifying.

This worksheet will also evaluate the learners through recalling concepts, math drills, and real life application.

What is BODMAS?

It is a sequence when we simplify a mathematical sentence with several operations to be performed. It means Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

Instructions on using the “BODMAS Questions For Class 7 Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to enhance skills in simplifying and practice the operations to prepare for higher math topics. After a short discussion, a math drill will be given to the learners in order to apply the concept.

The learner will also be asked to create his/her own mathematical sentence and then solve for the answer.

Finally, the last task would be a reflective question asking the learner the importance in learning the concept of the topic.


BODMAS is one of the fundamental operations and it is only natural that these will appear in the higher mathematical concepts and topics as well.

Being able to progress in basic operations will also help learners to become more comfortable in the lessons in the future.

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