Calculating Significant Digits Worksheet (with Answer Key)

What is the “Calculating Significant Digits Worksheet”?

The “Calculating Significant Digits Worksheet (with Answer Key)” is a worksheet about performing operations of numbers and having the answers based on the significant digits.

What are significant digits in math?

The number of significant single digits (0 through 9 inclusive) in the coefficient of an expression in scientific notation is referred to as significant figures. The amount of accuracy or assurance an engineer or scientist uses to state a quantity is indicated by the number of significant figures in a statement.

How can the “Calculating Significant Digits Worksheet” help you?

The “Calculating Significant Digits Worksheet (with Answer Key)” can help you get familiarized with the different rules in finalizing sums, differences, products and quotients of numbers based on the rules of significant digits.

Instructions on how to use the “Calculating Significant Digits Worksheet”

To use the “Calculating Significant Digits Worksheet (with Answer Key)”, get familiarized with the rules in performing the operations of significant digits. There is also an example provided so that you will be guided in using the rules. Afterwards, try to answer the activity provided and check your answers using the answer key provided.


An approach to demonstrate the accuracy of a number or collection of numbers is to use significant figures. They give a clear indication of the measurement precision, which is crucial for publishing scientific findings.

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