Class 2 Maths Worksheet (PDF)

What is the “Class 2 Maths Worksheet (PDF Download)”?

This worksheet will be discussing skip counting, rounding and solving numbers. This worksheet will become a guide on how to skip counting and rounding.

What is Skip Count?

In math, skip counting can be defined as the method of counting forward by numbers other than 1. To skip count means to count by skipping through a particular number of places in the counting sequence.

How will the “Class 2 Maths Worksheet (PDF Download)” help you?

This worksheet will help you in enhancing your skills in counting numbers in a different manner. It will help you to count numbers in a faster way.

Instructions on how to use “Class 2 Maths Worksheet (PDF Download)”

Use this worksheet to enhance your ability in counting numbers. After a short discussion, an activity will be given to the learners to fill in blanks and continue counting numbers to complete the problem. Also counting in a backwards manner.

A rounding activity will also be given to the learner to round the numbers based on the instructions..

Lastly, the learners will be given a math drill activity to solve the swallowing numbers.


Being able to count numbers, round the number and solve the numbers will be used in the higher topics of mathematics.

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