Class 7 Worksheet (with answers key)

What is the “Class 7 Worksheet (with answers)”?

The topic for class 7 will be explained in this worksheet. This worksheet will become a guide on topics for class 7.

What are Integers?

Integers include positive numbers, negative numbers, and zero. ‘Integer’ is a Latin word which means ‘whole’ or ‘intact’. This means integers do not include fractions or decimals.

How will the “Class 7 Worksheet (with answers)” help you?

This worksheet will assist you in better understanding on the selected topics for class 7.

This worksheet intends to assist through identification math drills, remembering crucial key concepts, practical problems, and also understanding its significance.

Instructions on how to use “Class 7 Worksheet (with answers)”

Use this worksheet to enhance your ability on how to answer the following math problem. A 5-item activity will be given to the learners to multiply the integers.

Also, an activity will be given to the learners to determine which is greater than, less than or equal between the two numbers.

Lastly, an activity will be given to the learners to answer a question of what topic in the lesson did the learners find difficult.


Being able to learn on how to multiply and determine which is greater than, less than and equal to has led to a tremendous development in mathematics, also it broadened my knowledge in mathematics.

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Class 7 Worksheet (with answers key)

Activity 1. Multiply integers

Multiply the following integers.

Activity 2. Less than, Greater than, or Equal to

Fill the table with the appropriate symbol.

Activity 3. Reflection

What topic in this lesson do you find most difficult? Why? Explain your answer in the table below.

Answer Key:

Activity 1.

1. 40

2. -15

3. 90

4. -30

5. -81

Activity 2.

1. <

2. <

3. >

4. =

Activity 3.

The answer to this activity will depend on the opinion of the learner.

You can download this worksheet here.

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