Classifying two-dimensional Figures Worksheet

Recognize that characteristics associated with one category of two-dimensional figures are also associated with all of the subcategories associated with that category. Using the characteristics of the objects, develop a hierarchical classification system for the two-dimensional objects.

What is the “Classifying two-dimensional Figures Worksheet”?

We are going to use geometric properties and attributes to categorize the figures that exist in two dimensions. These are two-dimensional rectangles that are closed on all sides and only have length and breadth dimensions.

How will the “Classifying two-dimensional Figures Worksheet 2” help you?

Using this worksheet, you will be able to categorize the various two-dimensional figures, such as quadrilaterals, which are figures that have four sides, four vertices, and four angles. 

Instructions on how to use the “Classifying two-dimensional Figures Worksheet.”

Study the concept and examples given and try to solve the given exercises below. 


Throughout the course of this session, we sorted two-dimensional figures into categories based on the qualities of their lines and angles.

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