Computing discounts worksheet(with answer key)

This worksheet is about discount computation. You will see methods to find discounts, examples, and exercise questions to compute the discount value.

What is the “Computing discounts worksheet”?

This is a worksheet designed for students to learn about discounts.You will see the method to get a discount percentage and discount rate by using the listed and selling price of the actual product.

You will see definitions of terms that are related to discounts.

After learning from examples, you will practice your concept using the exercise part.

There is also a reflective section where you can share your thoughts regarding this worksheet.

Lastly, you must create your own problem and method related to discounts.

How will the “Computing discounts worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you in finding the selling price, original price and discounted price.

You see the formulae to compute the savings you get in your purchase. You will also see examples of discounted percentages.


By practicing on this sheet, you will be capable of understanding the concept of discount. You will understand the pros and cons of getting discounts. You may increase your sale and reputation by giving discounts to elderly people.It will cause a decrease in your profit if you lower your prices. Price reductions will also damage your brand image.

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