Coordinate Plane Distances Worksheet (With answer key +PDF)

The distance formula, which is derived from the Pythagorean Theorem, is employed to determine the separation between two points in the plane. The distance between two points in an XY plane is calculated using the distance formula, which is used in coordinate geometry or Euclidean geometry. The x-coordinate, also known as the abscissa, is a point’s separation from the y-axis. The y-coordinate, also known as the ordinate, is the distance between a point and the x-axis. 

What is the “Coordinate Plane Distances Worksheet (With answer key +PDF)”?

This worksheet will explore some of the Coordinate Plane Distances.

What is Distance on Coordinate Plane?

When two points on a coordinate plane share the same x- or y-coordinate, we can calculate their distance by adding up their respective units. To assist in calculating the distance, we can use the values on the x- and y-axes.

How will the “Coordinate Plane Distances Worksheet (With answer key +PDF)” help you?

This worksheet will help you to understand the distance on the coordinate plane. It provides clear information about the particular topic.

Instructions on how to use the “Coordinate Plane Distances Worksheet (With answer key +PDF).”

Study the concept and examples given and try to solve the given exercises below. 


Plotting points and graphing lines can both be done on the coordinate plane. With the aid of this system, we can create and understand algebraic concepts as well as visually describe algebraic relationships. 

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Coordinate Plane Distances Worksheet (With answer key +PDF)

The Distance Formula 

A straight line connects any two points with the shortest distance. The distance formula can be used to determine this distance.





  1. Calculate the distance on the coordinate plane using the formula.

  1. Reflection

What do you think about solving the Coordinate Plane Distances? Did you find it difficult to follow the pattern in each step?

 Answer Key 

You can download this worksheet here.

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