Curve of Best Fit Worksheet (with answer key)

The dots in a scatter plot show the values of two separate numerical variables. Each dot’s horizontal and vertical axis location represents a data point’s values. You can put the curve of fit to determine a correlation and find points that can be used to solve the equation. This worksheet will help you make a curve of best fit using a scatter plot.

What is a “Curve of Best Fit Worksheet”?

To help students create and solve their word problems, a Curve of Best Fit Worksheet combines analyzing data, reflection, evaluation, and real-world problem-solving with a challenge. Students will benefit from this practice since it will help them comprehend the lecture, apply new information, and reflect on existing knowledge.

How will the “Curve of Best Fit Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concept behind the scatter plot and its correlations, make a curve of fit and follow step-by-step for correct answers.

Instructions on how to use the “Curve of Best Fit Worksheet.”

Use this math worksheet to know to scatter plots, learn how to graph them, and construct the best curve of fit. We provide a 10-item activity to help you practice the topic.

Students are encouraged to evaluate their learning from the lecture and their metacognition in the worksheet’s last section.


The scatter plot is simple as long as you remember the steps and are familiar with the graphing data using dots. 

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