Descending Order Worksheet For Class 1

What is the “Descending Order Worksheet For Class 1”?

The descending order will be explained in this worksheet. This worksheet will become a guide on how to arrange the numbers.

What is Descending Order?

Descending order is a way to arrange numbers from largest to smallest. When we arrange things in order, from a higher value to a lower value, it is known as the descending order or the decreasing order.

How will the “Descending Order Worksheet For Class 1” help you?

This worksheet will assist you in better understanding on how to arrange the numbers in descending order.

This worksheet intends to assist through identification math drills, remembering crucial key concepts, practical problems, and also understanding its significance.

Instructions on how to use “Descending Order Worksheet For Class 1”

Use this worksheet to enhance your ability to arrange the numbers. After a short discussion, a math drill activity will be given to the learners to arrange the numbers and shapes in descending order.

Lastly, an activity will be given to the learner to create their own shapes in descending order.


Being able to arrange in descending order has led to a tremendous development in mathematics.

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