Did You Hear About … Math Worksheet Page 150 (with Answer Key) 

This worksheet will explain about “did you hear about …” all about mathematics. This will include some understanding of different algebraic identities and brief discussion based on them. 

How will the “Did You Hear About … Math Worksheet Page 150” help you?

This worksheet will be using the concept of solving algebraic identities to create an interesting activity that will solve a puzzle through using corresponding words.

Instructions on how to use the “Did You Hear About … Math Worksheet Page 150 (with Answer Key)”

Use this worksheet to learn more and understand how to solve algebraic identities and use the answers to solve a word puzzle. The learner will be an activity to solve the algebraic identities then getting the corresponding words per number. 

The answers from the previous activities will be used to solve the puzzle of completing the sentence “Did you hear about the….”. 


When introducing or practicing the concepts of algebraic equations, it is also important to integrate these topics into activities like puzzles. This will also improve the learner’s skills and increase the enjoyment and excitement of learners.

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