Direct variation worksheet(with answer key + PDF)

This sheet is about variation in which two quantities relate to each other.

What is the “Direct Variation worksheet”?

The Direct variation worksheet is intended to help students grasp the concept of changing one quantity in relation to another. This sheet will include methods as well as a definition of the terms used in the sheet. You will fully grasp the concept of direct variation. Some relationships are also shown below. You will discover how to create an equation. They could use it to generate and respond to practice questions.

Then, in the worksheet, use the practice questions to put your newly acquired principles into practice.

A reflection section at the end of the worksheet is intended to encourage students to ponder and create their own questions and word problems.

Finally, it will stimulate students’ thinking.

How will the “Direct variation worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you understand the dependent relation of two quantities. It will show you the method to create and solve equations that involve direction relations.


This worksheet will make you able to make direct variations and comprehend the concept in real life. You learn to understand the relation between the speed of a car with respect to its distance.

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