Distance-Time Graph Worksheet (with Answer Key)

What is the “Distance-Time Graph Worksheet (with Answer Key)”?

The “Distance-Time Graph Worksheet (with Answer Key)” is a worksheet about how to interpret the graph about distance and time. 

How can the “Distance-Time Graph Worksheet (with Answer Key)” help you?

The “Distance-Time Graph Worksheet (with Answer Key)” can help you practice your skill in interpreting graphs. It will help you, read and interpret what is being represented in the graph that involves time and graph.

Instructions on how to use the “Distance-Time Graph Worksheet (with Answer Key)”

To use the “Distance-Time Graph Worksheet (with Answer Key)”, go through the different descriptions of a graph about time and distance. Use this information in answering the questions in the activity. You can check your answers using the answer key provided.


A graphical representation of how far a body has moved over a predetermined period of time is called a distance-time graph. It is used to illustrate how time and distance are related. Graphs of distance and time can be used to investigate how objects move. The length of time it took someone or something to go a certain distance is displayed on a distance-time graph.

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