Dividing Polynomials by Binomials Worksheet (with Answer Key)

A polynomial with only 2 terms is a binomial. A binomial, for instance, is x + 2, where x and 2 are distinct terms. Additionally, x has an exponent of 1, a coefficient of 1, and the constant here is 2. 

As a result, a binomial is an algebraic expression with two terms, a constant, a variable, a coefficient, and exponents. Polynomials on the other hand from the term itself “poly” means many. A polynomial comprises at least two terms. Polynomials include, for instance, x2+ 3 x + 5 .

How will the “Dividing Polynomials by Binomials Worksheet” will help you?

This worksheet will help learners in deepening their knowledge about understanding polynomials. 

The activities in this worksheet will practice the learner’s understanding and comprehension of evaluating polynomials and binomials. In addition to this, they can also practice their solving in the activities.

Lastly, the answer key in the last part of this worksheet will enable the learner to check their work or answers in the activities. This can help them in assessing their mistakes if there are any.

Instructions on how to use the “Dividing Polynomials by Binomials Worksheet”

In the first part, there will be a discussion regarding the concepts and lectures the learners need to know

After the discussion, an activity will be provided for the learner to apply their learning to the discussion. This part will practice the learners’ skills, comprehension, and evaluation. The last activity is a reflective section. It is provided to help the learner think and assess how they performed in the lesson.

At the end of the worksheet will be the answer keys to the activities. The learner will be able to check if they answered correctly or not.


Learning how to divide polynomials by binomials is important in improving your knowledge and comprehension about polynomials. Use this worksheet as a stepping stone in learning and practising your skills.

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