Domain and Range of Functions Worksheet (pdf)

A function’s domain is its set of input values, and its range is its collection of possible output values. A function is a relationship that outputs the range and gets values from the domain as input. This worksheet will help you identify the domain and range of a function.

What is a “Domain and Range of Functions Worksheet”?

Domain and range of functions worksheet is a math worksheet that combines math drills with application, problem-solving, reflection, and evaluation, as well as a challenge to help students create and solve their word problems. This exercise is to help students activate prior knowledge, comprehend the lesson, and practice newly acquired knowledge.

How will the “Domain and Range of Functions Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the domain and range of a function and how to identify them for correct outcomes.

Instructions on how to use the “Domain and Range of Functions Worksheet.”

Apply this math worksheet to thoroughly examine the idea of domain and range and their application. Following the lecture, we provided a 10-item exercise to practice the topic.

A reflection section is included at the end of this worksheet to encourage learners to evaluate their thoughts (metacognition) and how they did during the lesson.


Identifying the domain and range of a function is simple as long as you remember the rules.

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