Equivalent Fractions Worksheet for 4th Grade (Pdf)

On this page,you will learn how two or more fractions are equal to each other.It will describe different ways to make you able to work with fractions.

What is the “Equivalent Fractions Worksheet for 4th Grade (Pdf)”?

Equivalent Fractions Worksheet for 4th Grade  is a maths worksheet designed to help learners to revise their  earlier understanding, comprehend the lesson, and practise their learned skills via a solving different problems, problem-solving, reflection and evaluation, and a challenge that will help them form their own word problem and solve it.

How will the “Equivalent Fractions Worksheet for 4th Grade (Pdf)” help you?

This practice sheet will help you deal with fractions and make you able to understand equivalent fractions.

Instructions on how to use the “Equivalent Fractions Worksheet for 4th Grade (Pdf)”

Use this worksheet to study the concept of equivalent fraction with the help of diagrams and how fractions become equal to each other.Five practice questions are also give in the sheet below to better understand the concept.

A word problem is also being created to understand equivalent term in a different way.

At the end of worksheet,a reflective section is also given for the learners to think about their review and evaluate their performance.

Finally,it also challenges learners to show their working to get equivalent fractions.


In the method discussed in this sheet,you will be able to make fractions equal to each other.It will help you understand the relationship between equality and fractions.

Equivalent Fractions

Before anything else, let’s review the important terms.

Fractions: It’s a part of the whole thing. It is expressed in the form of a quotient which has a numerator and denominator

Equivalent Fractions:Equivalent fractions are fractions that represent the same value, even though they look different.

Equivalent Fractions

Step 1: 

Write a question first.

Step 2: 

To get the unknown value we need to multiply and divide both numerator and denominator with the same value.

Let’s think after multiplying two by which value we will get eight .

Step 3: 

Now multiply both numerator and denominator with 4.

In this way we get both fractions equal to each other.

Equivalent Fractions Worksheet

Find the unknown equivalent fractions.

Problem Solving:

Make your own!

Create one math problem that will show how to get equivalent fractions. Show your solution to the problem you crafted.

What are your thoughts on the equivalent fractions? Was there any difficulty you encountered in understanding this lesson?

Do you know any other method to find equivalent fractions? Can you come up with a new way to do it?

You can download this worksheet here.

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