Evaluating Expressions Worksheet for 6th Grade (PDF)

The components of an algebraic statement that are delineated by a plus sign or a minus sign are referred to as terms. You can simplify some algebraic expressions by grouping like terms first, before proceeding to evaluate the expressions. Similar expressions share a single variable.

What is the “Evaluating Expressions Worksheet 6th Grade (PDF)”?

This worksheet features questions that are based on parentheses, as well as questions that are based on whole numbers, integers, fractional numbers, and decimal values. First and foremost, in the form of fractional and decimal numbers.

How will the “Evaluating Expressions Worksheet 6th Grade (PDF)” help you?

The student will be able to follow a procedure with the help of this worksheet, which not only makes it easier for them to approach a problem but also gives them the opportunity to work through difficulties at their own pace. 

Instructions on how to use the “Evaluating Expressions Worksheet 6th Grade (PDF).”

Study the topic as well as the examples that are supplied, and make an effort to practice answering the many questions that are included in these worksheets.


The process of evaluating algebraic expressions involves the combination of terms using mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Primarily in decimal and fractional numbers.

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