Finding Common Denominator Worksheet (with answers)

On this page, you will learn how to get common denominator by using fractional values. It will help you use your existing multiplication skills to find the answer of two or more fractions.

What is the “Finding Common Denominator Worksheet (with answers)”?

Finding Common Denominator Worksheet (with answers) is a math worksheet designed to help learners activate prior knowledge, understand the lesson, and practice their learned skills through a mix of math drills,  reflection and evaluation, and a challenge that will help them construct their own word problem and solve it.

How will the “Finding Common Denominator Worksheet (with answers)” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concept behind least common denominators or common denominator in fractions and how the step-by-step process is being carefully followed for correct outcomes.

Instructions on how to use the “Finding Common Denominator Worksheet (with answers)”

Use this math worksheet to carefully study the concept behind common denominators and how it is used to get the result of addition or subtraction of fractions. A 10-item activity is given after the lesson in order to exercise the learned concept. 

A real-life problem-solving scenario is also given to help the learner understand how this math concept is being used in daily life. 

Towards the end of this worksheet, a reflective section is provided in order to help the learner think about their own ideas and assess how they performed in the lesson. 

Lastly, it also challenges the learner to come up with his/her own method of adding or subtracting the fraction by using common denominators


There are a lot of ways to find the common denominators. One of them is discussed here.It will help you understand the relationship between addition/subtraction of fractions 

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