Finding missing sides with trig ratios worksheet (with answer key)

One of the advantages of using trigonometric functions is that you can use them to calculate two missing sides of a right triangle if you only have one side and an acute angle. We will use SOH CAH TOA to find unknown side lengths in right-angle triangles.

What is the “Finding missing sides with trig ratios worksheet (with answers)

Finding the missing sides using trigonometric ratios is a math practice sheet that combines reflection, assessment, and problem-solving with a challenge to help pupils grasp the topic. These tasks will assist students in understanding the subject, applying new knowledge, and utilizing prior knowledge.

How will the “Finding missing sides with trig ratios worksheet (with answers)” help you?

This worksheet will assist you in expanding your knowledge of the concepts of how to use trigonometric ratios to find unknown sides of a triangle. With a solid grasp of this notion, you can quickly handle difficult actual world problems.

Instructions on how to use the “Equation of a Circle Worksheet (with answers pdf).”

The concept of measuring sides with trigonometric ratios is explored in this mathematical worksheet. There would then be a number of different activities provided to assist you in putting your new knowledge into practice. For a further practical approach, a scenario problem is included.

Last but not least, this worksheet includes an evaluation and reflection section to help students to review their progress.


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We can find an unknown side in a right-angled triangle when we know one length and one angle. We can then use different trigonometric ratios to find the remaining unknown sides and angles.

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