Finding Slope From A Graph Worksheet

On this page, you will learn about slopes and how to find them by using the graph.

What is the “finding slope from a graph worksheet”?

Finding slope from a graph worksheet  is a maths worksheet designed to help learners to revise their earlier understanding, comprehend the lesson, and practice their learned skills via solving different problems, problem-solving, reflection and evaluation, and a challenge that will help them form their own word problem and solve it

How will the “finding slope from a graph worksheet” help you?

This practice sheet will help you in understanding of steepness of any line.

Instructions on how to use the “finding slope from a graph worksheet”

Use this worksheet to study the concept of rise over run with the help of a step-by-step explanation. Five practice questions are also given in the sheet below to better understand the concept.

A word problem is also being created to understand the slope  in a different way.

At the end of the worksheet, a reflective section is also given for the learners to think about their review and evaluate their performance.

Finally, it also challenges learners to show their work to get to the slope.


In the method discussed in this sheet, you will be able to get the slope of the  line of inclination

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