Fraction Worksheet for Class 8 (with Answer Key)

Fractions worksheets for grade 8 help students in building a clear understanding of the concept of fractions which is classified as proper, improper, mixed, like, and unlike fractions. Students need to find a common denominator so as to combine the numerator and thus solving further in order to reduce the fraction into a decimal. In this worksheet, you will learn about fractions for class 8.

What are “Fractions”?

In Mathematics, fractions are represented as a numerical value, which defines a part of a whole. A fraction can be a portion or section of any quantity out of a whole, where the whole can be any number, a specific value, or a thing.

What are the different types of “Fractions”?

Although there are many types of fractions, the three main types of fractions that are differentiated on the basis of the numerator and the denominator are:

  • Proper fractions
  • Improper fractions
  • Mixed fractions

How will the “Fraction Worksheet for Class 8” help you?

This worksheet will help the students to learn about fractions for Class 8. It will help the students to test their knowledge and evaluate themselves. Practicing such a type of worksheet would give you added confidence while attempting your exam. The benefit of the 8th grade fractions worksheet is that it helps students to learn and practice questions on ways of converting a fraction into either a decimal or a percentage or vice versa. Practicing these concepts is extremely vital, as converting numbers is used in real life. Hence, this 8th grade math worksheet helps students in improving their math skills, logic skills, and reasoning skills. The visual representation in the fractions worksheet helps students understand the concept better.

Instructions on how to use the “Fraction Worksheet for Class 8 (with Answer Key)”

Use this math worksheet to carefully study the concepts of fractions for Class 8.

A 10-item activity is given after the lesson in order to exercise the learned concept. 

Towards the end of this worksheet, a reflective section is provided in order to help the learner think about their own thinking (metacognition) and assess how they performed in the lesson.


At the end of this worksheet, the learner will effectively learn about fractions for Class 8. Students would be able to clear their concepts by solving the questions on their own.

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