Fractions and decimals for class 7 maths worksheet (with answer key)

When there is a decimal point followed by digits that represent a value less than one, a decimal number is used to express a non-whole number. A fraction is a representation of a fraction of an integer. A fraction is the ratio of the numerator, the higher number, to the denominator, the lower number (the denominator). In this worksheet, you will learn how to convert decimals into fractions and vice versa.

What is  “Fractions and decimals for class 7 maths worksheet”?

It is a maths worksheet that students can use to understand the concept of  Fractions and decimals for class 7.It contains problem-solving and various challenging assessments. The activities will help students comprehend the concept, put new knowledge to use, and draw on prior knowledge

How will the “Fractions and decimals for class 7 maths worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help in your understanding of fractions and decimals and apply it to real-world scenarios. After this practice sheet, you would be able to tackle complex mathematical problems involving fractions and decimals with ease.

Instructions on how to use the “Fractions and decimals for class 7 maths worksheet”

You may learn more about fractions, decimals, and how to convert them using this math worksheet. To help you practice the content, we offer numerous challenging practice exercises.

The final component of the worksheet, “Reflection,” asks students to evaluate their metacognition and their general understanding of the lecture.

Additionally, the student must devise a unique method for converting decimals to fractions and vice versa.


As long as you are familiar with the fundamental conversion procedures, changing a fraction into a decimal is simple.

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