Fractions On A Number Line Worksheet

In this worksheet, you will learn about how to put fractions over a number line. It will help you in identifying and write simple fractions.

What are the “Fractions On A Number Line Worksheet”?

Fractions On A Number Line Worksheet  is a math practice sheet created to help

Students understand new techniques, acquire further details regarding maths concepts, and practice their learned skills through given practice questions. A word problem is also given to understand the concept better and then make their questions.

How will the “Fractions On A Number Line Worksheet” help you?

This will help students in understanding the representation, the value of the fractions as well as their relationship with other fractions. A number line is a representation of numbers in a series in increasing order, starting from the lowest.

Instructions on how to use the “Fractions On A Number Line Worksheet”

Utilize this sheet to arrange fractions in order and plot fractions on a number line. After learning a new concept, some practice questions are also designed for the students

At the end of the section, a reflective portion is provided to allow students to think about their work and evaluate their performance.

Finally, it also questions the student about a new method for plotting fractional values.


You can find a lot of explanations regarding fractions over a number line. One of them is described in this sheet. This step-by-step method helps you understand the concept and creates a relationship between different fractions and number lines.

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