Fundamental Counting Principle Word Problems Worksheet (with Answer Key)

What is the Fundamental Counting Principle?

A rule used to count the total number of possible outcomes in a situation is known as the fundamental counting principle. 

It states that if there are “n” ways to do something and m ways to do something else after that, then there are “n”, “m”, and “nm” ways to perform both of these actions.

How will the “Fundamental Counting Principle Word Problems Worksheet” will help you?

This worksheet will assist students in developing their understanding of the fundamental counting principle.

This worksheet’s activities will rely on the learner’s sufficient understanding and comprehension of the fundamental counting principle. In addition to practicing their problem-solving skills through activities.

Finally, the answer key in the final section of this worksheet will allow the learner to double-check their work or answers in the activities. This can assist them in assessing their mistakes if any exist.

Instructions on how to use the “Fundamental Counting Principle Word Problems Worksheet”

The first section of the lesson will cover the concepts and lectures that the students should be familiar with.

The learner will have the opportunity to apply what they learned through an exercise. This section will put the students’ abilities, comprehension, and evaluation to the test. A reflection portion follows the last exercise. It is offered to aid in thinking and evaluating the learner’s performance during the class.

The worksheet’s answer keys are located at the end of each activity. The learner will be able to verify whether or not they answered correctly.


Gaining knowledge and understanding of the basic counting principle can help you identify more easily. Make use of this worksheet as a stepping stone to further your knowledge and practice.

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