Graduated Cylinder Worksheet (PDF + with Answer Key)

What is the “Graduated Cylinder Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)”?

The graduated cylinder will be explained in this worksheet. This worksheet will become a guide on how to determine the volume.

What is Volume?

Volume is defined as a capacity occupied by a three-dimensional solid shape. In any shape, it is hard to visualize but can be compared between shapes.

How will the “Graduated Cylinder Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)” help you?

This worksheet will assist you in better understanding on how to determine the graduated cylinder and the volume inside the graduated cylinder.

This worksheet intends to assist through identification math drills, remembering crucial key concepts, practical problems, and also understanding its significance.

Instructions on how to use “Graduated Cylinder Worksheet (PDF + Answer Key)”

Use this worksheet to enhance your ability on how to determine graduated cylinder. An activity will be given to the learners to define the graduated cylinder and it is used.

Alo, an activity will be given to the learners to write the indicated volume in the graduated cylinder.

Lastly, an activity will be given to the learners to answer a question on why it is important to learn the concept of graduated cylinder.


Being able to learn on how to determine the purpose of the graduated cylinder has helped us in our experiment and not to be accurate with help of the measurement.

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