Graphing absolute value functions worksheet

In this sheet, you will learn about absolute values and their graphs.

What is the “Graphing absolute value functions worksheet”?

It is designed as a math exercise for students. You may see graphic examples of absolute values. We also provide students opportunities for reflection and assessment through some projects.

How will the “Graphing absolute value functions worksheet” help you?

It will help you understand how to draw symmetrical shapes by using an absolute value graph. Each absolute value graph will result in a “V” shape. It is divided into two parts: a negative slope and a positive slope.

Instructions on how to use the “Graphing absolute value functions worksheet”

Discover the concept of graphing absolute values functions.

Real-world word problems and some maths drills are also presented to help students understand how these topics relate to daily life.

The worksheet’s end provides an area for reflection so that students may assess their progress.

Lastly, encourage students to develop their methods.


You will be able to draw symmetrical shapes by using absolute value functions.

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