Graphing System Of Equations Worksheet for 8th Grade

What is the “8th Grade Graphing System of Equations Worksheet”?

Through the use of graphing, this worksheet will demonstrate the characteristics of a system of equation solutions. The learner will be given a set of equations, and using the resulting graph, they will be able to determine how many possible solutions there are.

This worksheet will be a useful foundation in the future topics of mathematics.

How will “8th Grade Graphing System of Equations Worksheet” help you?

The learner will be assisted by this worksheet in recognizing the graphical representations of equation solutions. In particular, whether the equation has a single solution, none at all, or infinitely many solutions.

The exercises in this worksheet involve graphing the supplied system of equations and then determining the system’s solution using the accompanying graph.

What does One Solution mean?

When the equations are graphed and they have an intersection, the equations are said to have one solution. And the solution is the point of intersection.

What does no solution mean?

The equations have no solutions and are never true even if the variables are changed. The graph will show a parallel line.

What does infinite solution mean?

When two equations have the same y-intercept and slope, they have infinite solutions. This also means that the equations are equal.

Instructions on how to use “8th Grade Graphing System of Equations Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to understand and identify graphs that have one solution, no solution, or infinite solutions. This worksheet will discuss short lessons and will be giving a multiple choice activity that will enhance their skills in identifying graphs and their solutions.

A math drill will also be given to let the learners graph the given solutions.

Lastly, the learners will be tasked to create their own equations and graph them in the Cartersian Coordinate Plane.


To be able to comprehend more complex issues in the future, it is necessary to understand the properties of equations. Understanding the graphical images is also crucial.

This will be very useful in the future for making graphs for other equations.

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