Graphing trigonometric functions worksheet (with answer key)

On this page, you will learn about trigonometric functions and their graphs.

What is “Worksheet 15 – graphing trigonometric functions(with answer key)”?

Using a balance of math drills, reflection and evaluation exercises, and a challenge that requires them to create and solve their own word problem, Worksheet 15 – Graphing Trigonometric Functions is a math worksheet made to assist students in practicing their newly acquired skills.

How will the “Worksheet 15 – graphing trigonometric functions (with answer key)” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the graphical properties of trigonometric functions.

Instructions on how to use the “Worksheet 15 – graphing trigonometric functions (with answer key)”

Create a trigonometric function graph using this math worksheet. Following the lecture, a 5-item exercise is provided for you to practice the session’s key concepts.

This worksheet’s reflection portion is included toward the conclusion to encourage learners to consider their own opinions and evaluate their performance during the class.

Finally, it encourages the student to develop a unique approach.


In this worksheet, you will learn about the graphical properties of six basic trigonometric functions.

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