Greater Than, Less Than, and Equal to Worksheet

What is the “Greater Than, Less Than, and Equal to Worksheet”?

This worksheet will expound and elaborate properties of numbers when it comes to values. This worksheet will compare values of two numbers and identify whether it is greater than, less than, or equal to another.

This worksheet will also make the learners determine the relationship between numbers through knowing which is less than or more than the other.

How will “Greater Than, Less Than, and Equal to Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will make you understand the properties of the numbers and use them to properly arrange them in a certain order by determining what is greater or lesser than the other.

Instructions in using the “Greater Than, Less Than, and Equal to Worksheet”

After a short discussion, a math drill will be given to identify the missing symbol that should be put in the middle of the two numbers given in each item.

A real life problem will also be given for the application of the concept.

Lastly, a reflection will be asked for the importance of learning the concept..


These symbols are very essential especially when trying to determine the relationship between numbers. This will also be very crucial as the learner goes through the process of involving larger numbers.

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