Inverse Functions Worksheet Algebra 2 (With Answer Key)

The original value from which a function derived its output is what the inverse function gives back to you. Imagine that functions are analogous to the dye that is utilized in the coloring of clothes. The white shirt (x) is sent through the function for blue dye B(x), which ultimately produces a blue shirt as the output (y). What the function “does” can be “undone” by using the Inverse Function. Bleach can be thought of as the inverse function of the blue dye. The blue shirt will become white when it has been “undyed” by the bleach.

What is the “Inverse Functions Worksheet Algebra 2 (With Answer Key)”

The concept of inverse functions and how to solve such problems will be discussed in this worksheet. This will also include exercises and the answers to those questions.

How will the “Inverse Functions Worksheet Algebra 2 (With Answer Key)” help you?

The learners will be able to understand how to solve inverse functions. They can also check if their answers to the exercises are correct.

Instructions on how to use the “Inverse Functions Worksheet Algebra 2 (With Answer Key).”

Use this worksheet to understand the concept of inverse functions. Study the given examples and try to solve the activity given. 


Understanding the concept of inverse function will help the learners grasp the essence of solving problems about the topic. It is easy to understand that inverse functions “undoes” what a function does. 

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