Large numbers class 5 worksheet (with answer key)

On this sheet, you will learn about large numbers, and how to write or read them

What is the “Large numbers class 5 worksheet ”?

It is a math worksheet designed to help students learn to write large numbers and compare them to their predecessors and successors. You will see examples of expanded numbers and numbers in words.

There is also a practice section to test your knowledge of this lesson section.

Following that, we created a reflective area in which you can share your thoughts and ideas.

Finally, we want you to design your own math drills and methods for learning numbers.

How will the “Large numbers class 5 worksheet ” help you?

This worksheet will help you in counting numbers easily and learn about increasing and decreasing the order of numbers by comparison of two or more numbers


This sheet will make you able to count large money in banks, and offices. You can also use the concept of large numbers in statistics and probability.

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