Lcm and Hcf for class 6 worksheet 

In Maths, the H.C.F. defines the greatest factor present in between given two or more numbers, whereas L.C.M. defines the least number which is exactly divisible by two or more numbers.

What is “Lcm and Hcf for class 6 worksheet”?

“Lcm and Hcf for class 6 worksheet” main purpose is to provide students with a maths practice sheet that will help them to solve lcm and hcf problems easily. It will provide students with a variety of opportunities and methods to apply what they’ve learned and strengthen their understanding of the material. This worksheet will help learners to build their basic concepts about lcm and hcf.

How to take Lcm and Hcf ?

There are various methods of taking Lcm and Hcf through which a learner can easily get a better understanding in solving their problems. The three principal methods which are used to find the lcm and hcf of the numbers are as follows:

  1. Prime factorization method
  2. Division method
  3. Factor tree method

How will the “Lcm and Hcf for class 6 worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help beginners to learn a variety of strategies as they develop their maths fluency, so here we have pulled together a host of options to help students be more successful at taking Lcm And Hcf.

Instructions on how to use “Lcm and Hcf for class 6 worksheet”?

This maths worksheet can be used to learn about the different methods of taking lcm and hcf for beginners.  It will guide you step by step in solving your lcm and hcf problems and will aid in deveolping interest.


There are several ways to take lcm and hcf. Here, we’ve used the three most standard methods. At the end of this worksheet, the learner will be able to find the solution of their problems effectively.

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