Lines and angles class 6 worksheet  

On this page, you will learn about different types of angles in a plane.

What is the “lines and angles class 6 worksheet”?

Lines and angles class 6 worksheet is a math worksheet designed to help learners activate prior knowledge, understand the lesson, and practice their learned skills through a mix of math drills,  reflection and evaluation, and a challenge that will help them construct their own word problem and solve it.

How will the “lines and angles class 6 worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concept behind complementary, supplementary angles. You learn about one revolution by using a protractor.

Instructions on how to use the “lines and angles class 6 worksheet”

Use this math worksheet to carefully study the concept behind lines and angles. A 5-item activity is given after the lesson in order to exercise the learned concept. 

Towards the end of this worksheet, a reflective section is provided in order to help the learner think about their own ideas and assess how they performed in the lesson. 

Lastly, it also challenges the learner to come up with his/her own method.


In this worksheet, you will learn about lines and angles.

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