Managing Checking Accounts Worksheet

What is a Checking Account?

Checking accounts are considered a transactional type of bank account. It allows you to access your money for everyday finances like receiving paychecks, making purchases, and paying bills whenever you need it. The main difference between checking accounts to other types of bank accounts is that banks usually issue chequebooks to account holders of a checking account. 

What are Cheque Books?

Chequebooks are small books containing sequentially numbered checks that account holders can use as a bill of exchange and used to pay for goods or services.

Why do we need to learn it?

Since we can easily access our checking accounts, we need to manage them effectively and efficiently. In this worksheet, we will practice how we can track our everyday finances in our checking accounts.


In this lesson, the learning will be very applicable to your everyday life. A bank account is necessary as we continue in the profession we are going to take and learning this as soon as now will be beneficial to our financial literacy and in managing our finances.

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