Math Factors and Multiples for Class 5 Worksheet

What is the “Multiples and Factors Class 4 Worksheet”?

This worksheet will discuss the multiples and factors numbers. This will also include discussion on the techniques to determine if certain numbers are multiples or factors.

This worksheet will be an essential guide to knowing more about numbers.

How will the “Multiples and Factors Class 4 Worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you in improving your multiplication skills by discussing multiples and factors.

This will also evaluate learners through knowing the key concepts of the topic, identifying factors and multiples, and also knowing its significance.

What are multiples?

Multiples are numbers that become the result when we multiply the original number by an integer.

What are the factors?

A factor is a number that divides the original number without any remainder. This means that the numbers are divided evenly. There are also times that a number could have more than 2 factors, It could be less than or equal to the original number.

Instructions on using the “Multiples and Factors Class 4 Worksheet”

Use this worksheet to improve skills in multiplication and division through the discussions and exercises in multiples and factors. A math drill will be given to identify factors of a given number.

After that, the learners will be given an activity to determine the next number.

Another math drill is about filling a table of values based on existing information.

Finally, the learner will be asked a to determine the factors given a certain condition.


The foundational concepts of mathematics, multiples and factors, are particularly helpful when performing division and multiplication operations.

Future math courses will be simpler to learn and more useful in terms of applications in real life if you are able to understand and master this concept.

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