Math number system for Class 9 worksheet (with answer key)

It is clear that numbers are used to represent a certain quantity. When certain symbols or digits are used to represent the numbers themselves, it forms a number system.

Hence, a number system is such a system as can be used to define a set of values, which are further used to represent a quantity. 

What is a number system?

A number system is defined as a system of writing to express numbers. It is the mathematical notation for representing numbers of a given set by using digits or other symbols in a consistent manner. 

It provides a unique representation of every number and represents the arithmetic and algebraic structure of the figures. It also allows us to operate arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction and division.

The value of any digit in a number can be determined by:

  • The digit
  • Its position in the number
  • The base of the number system

Before discussing the different types of number system examples, first, let us discuss what is a number.

How will the “class 9 maths number system worksheet with answers” help you?

This worksheet will help you to understand the number system. It will challenge the student’s ability to identify them.

Instructions on using the “class 9 maths number system worksheet with answers”:

Using this math worksheet you learn about how to express numbers using different systems., and how to evaluate them.

A reflection section is included at the end of this worksheet to assist the student think about their thinking (metacognition) and analyse how they performed in the session.

Finally, it challenges the student to devise their problems and compare them with the ones he/she learned from the worksheet.


This worksheet will help you gain the essential skills for identifying and calculating numbers.

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