Math worksheet for class 1 CBSE

In this sheet, you will see various maths drills to practice the concept of numbers, additions, and subtraction.

What is the “Math worksheet for class 1 CBSE”?

It is a maths worksheet created to help first-grade students in learning maths numbers, and addition or subtraction questions by using the method given below. We also create some practice questions, reflection, and evaluation sections that will motivate you to generate your own maths drill or method to solve.

How will the “Math worksheet for class 1 CBSE” help you?

It will help you by teaching numbers, how to write them in increasing and decreasing order and what will be the sum of two numbers.

Instructions on how to use the “Math worksheet for class 1 CBSE”

Use this sheet to write numbers before and after certain numbers. It shows you how to write numbers in ascending or descending order and the concept you learned as the sum of two numbers.

Real-life word problems are also provided to help learners understand how this mathematical concept is used in everyday life.

The worksheet ends with a reflection section to help learners reflect on their thoughts and evaluate their progress.

Finally, encourage learners to develop their own methods.


It will help you understand numbers, ascending and descending orders of numbers, addition, and subtraction of two numbers.

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