Maths chapter 1 for Class 1 worksheet (with answer key)

This worksheet will give you an insight into choosing between the appropriate shapes and spaces.

How will the “class 1 maths chapter 1 worksheet with answers” help you?

This worksheet will help you better understand the concept of shapes and space. It will challenge the student’s ability to identify them.

Instructions on using the “class 1 maths chapter 1 worksheet with answers”:

Use this math worksheet you learn about the size and where the shape lies, whether it is big or small.

A reflection section is included at the end of this worksheet to assist the student think about their thinking (metacognition) and analyse how they performed in the session.

Finally, it challenges the student to devise their problems and compare them with the ones he/she learned from the worksheet.


This worksheet will help you gain the essential skills for identifying shapes.

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