Maths chapter 1 for class 7 worksheet(with answer key + PDF)

In this worksheet, you will learn to apply matthematical operations on interger.This sheet will make you able to simplify expression and practice to apply negative and positive signs.

What is the “Class 7 maths chapter 1 worksheet”?

It is a worksheet designed for student learn integer.It includes all various examples along with definition of specif mathematical operator.You can conprehend the solution steps of mathematical expression.You will see the change integer sign while applying  multiplication ,division,addition and subtraction

After learning the concept through examples and exercises, you will have a better understanding of it.

Then, in this sheet’s reflective section, you must express yourself by sharing your thoughts.

Finally, there’s a section where you can design your own method and questions.

How will the “Class 7 maths chapter 1 worksheet” help you?

This worksheet will help you in calculation and evaluation of experiment involving negative values.You can practice integers in real by measuring blood pressure that is positive when its above normal and negative when its below normal.This will also assist you in understanding temperature values that is negative when below zero degree and positive when above zero degree.


By completely understanding this worksheet,you will become able to do calculation by using four basic operator of maths.You can also apply integers in your real life and get the accurate results of your research or experiments.

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